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Free Seminars:
We offer free seminars or webinars on the basic principles of accident reconstruction, animation technology, lighting/ visibility, event data recorders, trial presentations, and many other topics. CLE/CE credit may be available.

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Kineticorp co-founder and Principal Engineer, Nathan Rose, spoke on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at the CDLA Conference in Telluride, CO on the topic “Operator Error and Liability in Motorcycle Accidents”.

Kineticorp President and CEO, Steve Fenton PE, co-presented at the ABA Conference in Phoenix, April 3, 2014.
Steve Fenton spoke on the topic “Effectively Packaging and Presenting Complex Accident Reconstruction Concepts”

Kineticorp co-founder and engineer, Nathan Rose, presented a research paper at SAE World Congress, in Detroit, April 7-8, “Vehicle Acceleration Modeling in PC-Crash”.
Nathan Rose co-wrote paper with Kineticorp engineers Neal Carter and David Pentecost:
SAE 2014-01-0464 - Vehicle Acceleration Modeling in PC-Crash

Neal Carter presented at the RMEL Health, Safety and Training Conference on April 23, 2014, in Lone Tree, CO.
“Accident Investigation and Reconstruction: Techniques to Determine the Root Cause”.

New Publications:
Kineticorp engineers have co-authored papers published by the SAE World Congress.
Nathan Rose, David Pentecost and Neal Carter co-authored:
SAE 2014-01-0464 - Further Assessment of the Uncertainty of CRASH3 Delta-V and Energy Loss Calculations

Arch T. Colwell Merit Award:
We are proud to be a recipient of SAE International’s Arch T. Colwell Merit Award. A team of engineers from Kineticorp, Ford Motor Company and Wayne State University were presented this award for co-authoring, “Image Analysis of a Rollover Crash Test Using Photogrammetry” (SAE paper #2006-01-0723). The paper explores the use of camera-matching photogrammetry to extract vehicle roll angle data from test video. Click here for more of our publications.

David Pentecost received his P.E. in December of 2015.